Dietary Analysis & DNA Testing for Nutritional Balance & Wellness

You eat every meal, you make sure you have your veggies, and try not to eat too many sweets. How do you know if you’re getting your ideal daily intake of all of your vitamins and minerals? Maybe you occasionally take a multivitamin incase. 

Well you can individualise your dietary plan using dietary analysis and DNA testing. So why would you want to individualise your diet. Because everyone is different. Yes, the government has recommended daily dietary intakes based on your age and sex, but those intakes don’t take into account your symptoms, weight, height, genes, medical conditions, medications or supplements. The same way that the paleo diet doesn’t suit everyone, keto diet doesn’t suit everyone and so on. Embrace your individuality and tailor your eating and health habits to improve your wellbeing and overall health.

Dietary Analysis: what is it and how can it help? Dietary analysis is an in-depth look at your nutritional status, and simple recommendations for bringing balance to your current diet. Dietary analysis involves tracking your diet over a 7 day period either via paper and pen or a diary tracking app. Based on this you are provided with a complete nutritional summary including a macro and micro nutrient breakdown, energy intake breakdown, recommended intakes and food sources.

Dietary analysis is a great way to make sure you are getting a variety of vitamins and minerals. Especially if you have excluded particular food groups from your regular diet. For example if you have decided to go dairy free and want to know if you are still getting your recommended calcium intake for the day. To see an example of a Dietary Analysis report click below.

Food diary keeping not your thing? Well that’s where DNA testing can be used  as an alternative or addition to dietary analysis. Did you know DNA can tell us a lot about our individual nutritional requirements? The interaction between nutrients and genes is referred to as nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics is a fascinating area of science and dietary factors may differentially alter the effect of one or more genes SNPs to increase or decrease disease risk.

DNA testing helps to determine genetic factors that contribute to, without being the cause of, your body weight, vitamin needs and other aspects of your wellbeing. You’ll be guided to make dietary and lifestyle changes for a healthier life by choosing the nutrition and exercise regimens that are more in line with your genetic make up. And the best thing is that you can do the test at home, as it’s just a mouth swab that’s required. Get in touch to find out how to order yours. For a sample DNA Wellness report click below. 

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